Computer programming jobs in Alaska

I just took a few minutes to look at computer programming jobs in Alaska, but sadly, the CareerBuilder and DICE websites don't show any computer programming jobs in Alaska at this time.

I got to the CareerBuilder website through the Anchorage Daily News website, so that approach also takes care of searching the Anchorage, Alaska newspaper. I also just searched the newspaper here in the Mat-Su Valley area -- the Frontiersman -- and they don't show any computer programming jobs either.

I'm disappointed there aren't more computer programming jobs here in Alaska right now, but hopefully we can grow something great here. I think a lot of modern computer programmers like the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle, and for that, Alaska can be the place to be. The scenery here is outstanding, and I have to think that the Alaska scenery, easy access to hiking and biking trails, interesting restaurants, and the very low population in rural areas would make Alaska attractive to many computer programmers and other people in the IT industry.