Mobiplug home connectivity (Boulder, Colorado), and SARAH

I've been busy writing my third book (and second book of the year), but I recently took a little time to look up, and then look around the Boulder, Colorado area, and lo and behold I found a very interesting company in Mobiplug. Here's a description of what they do, from their website:

"Mobiplug makes smart home connectivity a reality with a plug-and-play gateway that easily detects and joins together hundreds of off-the-shelf home electronics from retailers such as Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe's, and Best Buy. The Mobiplug gateway and web services allow homeowners to manage and control their devices right from their smartphones, home or away, with a single and easy-to-use application experience. Providing comfort, convenience, and peace of mind at an affordable price."

In other words, they do some of what I was thinking to do with my SARAH application, though I thought about getting involved in working with the Microsoft Kinect, Arduino, and other programming/electronics to make SARAH from the tv show Eureka come to life.


That's all the time I have today, but if you've never seen my SARAH project, here's a quick demo:

If you can imagine talking to SARAH, telling her/him to turn on/off the lights, and do basically anything else that can be integrated with the house, that's what I'd like to do.

Here's a second demo that shows how SARAH learned to log out and log back into the computer:

(If you've never seen SARAH on Eureka, I used to have a video from the program on YouTube, but they made me take it down, so check out the first episode of Eureka, and fast-forward to the part in the show where Sheriff Carter moves into a home built in an old bomb shelter. "SARAH" is the name of the smarthome in the show.)

Reporting live from Boulder, Colorado, this is Alvin Alexander with Valley Programming.