Two new Scala video tutorials

When I first moved to the Boulder, Colorado area, I intended to start Valley Programming here. Almost immediately a few things changed, and now, a few months later, my new book, the Scala Cookbook from O'Reilly Media, is nearing completion. The first draft of the book has been sent off to the editor and reviewers, and the cookbook should be available in just a few months.

While I'm waiting on feedback from the reviewers, I've decided to start creating some Scala video tutorials. After reading a respected person in the Scala community say that "Only 25% of PHP developers can learn Java, and only 25% of Java developers will be able to learn Scala", one of my goals is to make Scala more accessible. I don't think there's any reason that 75% of Java developers can't learn Scala, and to that end, I've written the Scala Cookbook, and I'm also creating this series of videos.

Cutting to the chase, here are links to my first two Scala video tutorials:

  1. Using the Scala REPL, and understanding variables (val and var)
  2. A Scala 'Hello, world' video tutorial

If you're new to Scala, I hope you'll find these training videos helpful. I hope to get one more published this week, and then after some time off for Thanksgiving, I'll be back on the case.

Reporting live from Boulder, Colorado, this is Alvin Alexander.