Valley Programming software consulting services, 2019

If you have read my blog posts on or my tweets on Twitter, you know that I have a rare, non-contagious blood disease and it took 26 doctors over a period of seven years to properly diagnose. To tell you how rare this blood disease is, there are only 25 of us in the state of Colorado.

The good news is that now that we know what it is, it’s completed treatable, and I’m excited to get back to regular consulting work in 2019. Some of the computer programming consulting services I can provide to clients include:

  • Business systems analyst: Working with my clients to design new software applications, including requirements specifications, user interface design, and database design.
  • Computer programming: I can write web applications using a variety of tools, including Scala, Play Framework, Akka-HTTP, and more. I can also write Android applications using Kotlin and Java.
  • QA testing analyst/engineer: I have a lot of experience in automated testing of software applications, including Test-Driven Development (TDD), unit testing, regression testing, integration testing, automated GUI testing, and more.

As of this writing in February, 2019, Valley Programming is still a one-person company, but if you’re interested in learning more about how I can help you, send me an email using my contact form, or call me at the phone number shown at the bottom of this page.