Boulder, Colorado custom programming services

As Valley Programming springs to life here in the Boulder, Colorado area, I (Alvin Alexander) thought I would share some of my computer programming experiences.

While you can see many of the websites I've developed by looking at my web design portfolio, my actual degree is in Aerospace Engineering, and I've worked on many, many other software and computer programming projects in my career, including:

  • Analyzing RAMJET and SCRAMJET engine performance with custom FORTRAN programs (DoD projects)
  • Working on RAMJET and SCRAMJET vehicle trajectory optimizations
  • Analyzed Space Shuttle rocket motor insulation ablation on a NASA Advanced Shuttle Rocket Motor (ASRM) project
  • Project Lead on several DoD Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) projects
  • Converted a local telephone company into an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in 120 days
  • Managed operating system customizations and deployments to thousands of Papa John's stores
  • Project Lead for a multi-million dollar effort to create a custom "operating system" for a printing/publishing company
  • Taught Java and other programming technologies to more than 100 students; gave internet technology seminars to hundreds of people in the 1990s
  • Wrote dozens of Software Requirements Specifications for a wide variety of software problems
  • For the last three years I've been working with Drupal, as described on my Boulder, Colorado Drupal consulting services page

As a consultant for more than fifteen years I've worked on many, many projects, but I think this can give you at least a little idea of what I can. I enjoy working on custom programming projects, and I look forward to working on programming projects with Boulder, Louisville, Broomfield, and Lafayette, Colorado clients in the near future.