Java Xeyes app (for Mac OS X systems)

I just released my Java Xeyes application, which you can download using the link below. If you've used the old Unix/X-Windows "xeyes" application, you'll know what this app does. If not, here's a link to a one-minute YouTube video that demonstrates how this works:

Java Xeyes for Mac OS X

My current Java Xeyes program is currently bundled to run on Mac OS X systems, and requires your Mac to have Java 1.6.u10 installed. As of this writing in May, 2011, if you're using Mac Snow Leopard and you've kept up with your Mac updates, you should have everything you need. (This might also work on Mac Leopard, but I haven't tested it there yet.)

Assuming you know how the Unix xeyes app works, or you watched the video, you're probably ready for the download. Here it is:

I hope you like it!

Java Xeyes Documentation

I haven't included any documentation in the Java Xeyes app, mostly because there isn't much to know. Okay, okay, here's a little bit of help:

Installation: Just install it like most Mac applications: Download it, double-click the zip file to open it, double-click the folder to open it, then drag the "JEyes" application icon to your Applications folder. Once installed, put the original zip file and folder in the trash.

Full Screen Mode: The biggest thing to know is that you can make if full screen by pressing [Command][F], and you also get out of full-screen mode using that same keystroke.

Dragging: You can move the eyes anywhere on your screen. Just click one of the eyes and drag it to wherever you want them.

I'll add more documentation to the app if I add more features to it, but for now I hope that's sufficient.