Hadoop programming in Boulder, Colorado

Just a quick note that I've finally started my Hadoop programing project. I actually started this project when I was living in Alaska, but after the move to the Boulder, Colorado area, I haven't had much free time, until now.

Boulder, Colorado - Things to do

I recently moved to the Boulder, Colorado area, and quickly found that there are many "things to do" in Boulder, and in the Colorado area in general.

Without know the area very well yet, here's a short list of things to do in Boulder:

Design patterns notes (and Java examples)

As I've been getting back into Java programming lately, I've been taking a little time each night to read about design patterns, and make notes about each design pattern, especially as it relates to the Java programming language.

Here then are my abridged notes about the most common design patterns, including Java examples as I was able to think of them.

Creational Patterns

Factory Pattern

Java programming jobs in Boulder, Colorado

I just moved to the Boulder, Colorado area, and curious about the local computer programming environment, I decided to perform some searches for Java computer programming jobs near Boulder.

Boulder, Colorado Java programming jobs -

I just looked on the website, and found the following number of jobs when searching for the follow Java programming criteria:

Scala, Maven, Eclipse, and ScalaTest

Now reporting live from beautiful downtown Broomfield, Colorado, I spent a few hours yesterday getting Scala, Maven, Eclipse, and ScalaTest working together. After getting everything working, I thought I'd share my notes here.

Drupal programming jobs in Boulder, Colorado

I just moved to the Boulder, Colorado area, and was curious about how many people in the area use Drupal. One way to find this out is to look for Drupal programming jobs in the area, so I took a look at those, and here are the results of those searches.

Scala programming in Colorado

I just moved to the Boulder, Colorado area, and as I've been learning the Scala programming language, I thought I'd take a look around at what sort of Scala jobs and programmers might be in the area.

Boulder, Colorado custom programming services

As Valley Programming springs to life here in the Boulder, Colorado area, I (Alvin Alexander) thought I would share some of my computer programming experiences.

While you can see many of the websites I've developed by looking at my web design portfolio, my actual degree is in Aerospace Engineering, and I've worked on many, many other software and computer programming projects in my career, including:

Moved to Colorado (Boulder, Louisville area)

Just a quick note here that I, Alvin Alexander, and my company, Valley Programming, have just moved to the Boulder, Colorado area. I actually live in Broomfield, Colorado, which is ten miles from Boulder, and right next to other cities like Louisville and Lafayette.

Mac Ruby as an AppleScript and Objective C replacement

Over the last few weeks I've been digging into Ruby programming on the Mac, specifically looking at ways to (a) use Ruby instead of AppleScript, and (b) use Ruby to create 'native' Mac OS X applications. Here's some information on what I've found.


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