A Mac Java version of "Xeyes"

If you're familiar with the old Xeyes program from the early Unix days, you'll know it as a pair of "eyes" on screen that watch you as you work. Technically, all they do is follow the mouse cursor around the screen, but they make it feel like they're watching you work.

For a little fun this weekend I created a Java version of Xeyes that runs on Mac OS X systems. For lack of a better name, I'm currently calling this Mac application "Java Xeyes", or "Jeyes". Here's a little one-minute video I put together to demonstrate this app:

Business analysis and software requirements - What is a 'user'?

When working as a business analyst several users ago, I had an amazing experience when I very casually asked a client something like, "What requirements do you want to put on passwords for external users?"

Several weeks later we decided what we meant by "external user", had redefined "internal user", learned that their company had at least four different customer applications with four different user databases, and my company gave them a presentation on LDAP systems and identity management.

Alaska business analyst consulting services

On this website I mostly write about computer programming and website design, because those are things a lot of small business clients here in Colorado can relate to. But as any computer programmer that has been involved in a multi-million dollar software project can tell you, creating software is about much more than just computer programming. Many other steps are required, including:

A multiline Linux Bash command prompt

Now that I have Linux shell accounts on at least seven different servers, I've changed my Bash login prompt on each server so I can easily see what server I'm logged in to. For instance, on my Valley Programming web server, my command prompt looks like this:

> _

With this prompt, the "VALPRO" part reminds me that I'm logged into my Valley Programming server, and the path shown to the right of it changes as I move from one directory to another. I actually type my command on the line beneath that, where the underscore character is shown.

Combine Linux find and grep with exec

Summary: How to use the Linux find command with the grep option, using the find "exec" argument.

One of the really terrific things about the Linux find command is that you can combine it with the regular Linux grep facility. This lets you search for text strings and regular expressions in many directories at one time.

A simple grep command

The Linux grep command lets you search multiple files, so if you're looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack, you could issue a grep command like this:

Hello, world

Ever since the C programming language was created, computer programmers have been using the simple statement, "Hello, world", to announce their new programming language, programming tool, or software application. Today I use that same phrase to announce the creation of my new company, Valley Programming.

The Drupal Content Management System (CMS)

Over the last three years I've worked a lot with the Drupal Content Management System, or Drupal CMS. Drupal powers some of the biggest websites on the internet, including websites like, and I've used it exclusively for all of my websites since 2008. I've found that while Wordpress is an excellent solution for blogs and many "mom and pop" websites, Drupal has the horsepower and framework to be used for much larger websites.

Alaska Drupal programming services

Colorado Drupal programming services: Drupal is a powerful, open source Content Management System (CMS) that is used to power tens of thousands -- possibly millions -- of internet websites, including, among others, and at Valley Programming many of our websites are built on Drupal.

Alaska computer programmer training

Being curious about the state of computer programmer training courses in Alaska, I looked around a bit, and I'm glad to see that the University of Alaska, Fairbanks offers a Computer Science curriculum. From the courses listed it looks like you can get a decent computer programming education there (as usual, if you apply yourself).

Computer programming jobs in Alaska

I just took a few minutes to look at computer programming jobs in Alaska, but sadly, the CareerBuilder and DICE websites don't show any computer programming jobs in Alaska at this time.


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