About Valley Programming (and Alvin Alexander)

Valley Programming is currently a one-person software development consulting firm. My name is Alvin Alexander, and I’m based in Longmont, Colorado, and I look forward to consulting with businesses in the Boulder, Louisville, Broomfield, Lafayette, and Denver communities. Depending on the needs, I can work as a ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Business Analyst, or Developer.

Primary Software Skills

I believe my primary software/consulting skills are:

  • Leading agile software development teams (including working as a ScrumMaster)
  • I’m now a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), certified by the Scrum Alliance
  • Software requirements and design (i.e., Business Analyst and Product Owner)
  • Server-side programming
  • Cross-platform mobile app development with Flutter

I recently add this long list of custom software applications I have written to make it easier to see the type of work I have done.


Here’s my background in a nutshell:

Time Range Work
Now Getting back into software development consulting work!
2010-2021 Writing computer programming and business books (over 3,000 pages), developing alvinalexander.com, and miscellaneous writing/editing
2008-2010 High-performance, parallel-processing, “can’t fail” development projects for a 24x7 production environment
1999-2007 Founder and managing partner of a software development consulting business; served as business analyst, product owner, and Scrum Master on six-figure and multi-million dollar software projects
1996-1999 Aerospace engineering, network management, and software development
1993-1995 Manager of a Unix Division for a consulting firm, created an Internet Service Provider (ISP), first six-figure software development project
1991-1992 Manager, Computational Methods division for an aerospace project
1987-1991 Primarily software development and systems engineering in aerospace engineering environments
1986 B.S. Degree, Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M

In regards to my previous software development company, I started it in my basement in Kentucky and grew it to 20 employees before selling my interest to two partners in the firm.

As a special note, I spent the years 2013 through 2018 fighting the effects of a rare blood disease. I worked with over 26 doctors to find and resolve that issue, and these days I’m glad to report that all is well, and I haven’t felt this good since the late 1990s.

More Information

If you’re interested, you can learn much more about me at alvinalexander.com, where I’ve written over 8,000 blog posts.

And if you really want to know even more, I recently created a half-hour video titled, Almost Everything I Know About Writing. Click that link to view it on YouTube, or watch it below:

Thank you for time and consideration,
Alvin Alexander