Our Privacy Policy

Here at Valley Programming we’re concerned about your web browsing privacy, so we want to take a few moments to share our Privacy Policy.

Simple Privacy Statement

In short, we are not interested in tracking any website visitors at any time, with the sole exception of people who may be attempting to do something malicious here. Other than that — which is a very extreme and rare case — you can browse our website knowing that we are not tracking anyone on an individual basis.

This website does use Drupal and Google Analytics, so please read on for additional information about these tools.

More Privacy Details

This website is built on the open source Drupal content management system (CMS). Drupal may use browser cookies as part of its normal functioning. We have nothing to do with that, don’t know anything about those cookies, and don’t use those cookies.

On this website we do use Google Analytics. This software from Google helps us understand general trends about website visitors, including which pages are visited most often, and what keywords people use at search engines to find us. Google Analytics provides more information than that, but we really just want to know what pages people are reading on our website, and how they find our website. In relation to your privacy, the most important thing to know is that for us, none of that information is available for any single website visitor; we only see high-level summary information. For more details, see the Google Privacy Policy page for details on the information they may collect.

That’s it, our very simple privacy statement. Happy web surfing.