Our Computer Programming Services

Valley Programming provides a variety of computer programming services for our Boulder, Colorado clients, including:

  • Software and website design (requirements, analysis, and design)
  • Software development (computer programming)
  • Software QA and testing

We also provide training and mentoring services to help transition your employees to the latest technologies.

Software Development Processes

In addition to factors like talent, experience, and motivation, great processes are key to successful software development. We’re comfortable with a variety of agile software development processes, including Scrum and eXtreme Programming, and can tailor them to fit your needs.

Software Analysis & Requirements

We’ve written dozens -- possibly hundreds -- of software requirements specifications, and can share examples of many of our requirements and design documents. Our software development and website design projects have varied in size from a few days to a few years.

Computer Software and Website Design

Complex software isn’t great unless the user experience is also great, so we place a strong emphasis on great software design. In short, software should work the way a user expects it to work, and should be pleasing to work with.

Computer Programming

We provide experience with a variety of programming languages, including Java, PHP, Ruby, and Cocoa (for Mac OS X development).

Software Testing

Great programming companies are great testing companies also. We can help your testing efforts. Training & Mentoring If you’re new to programming, new to a particular language, or new to agile development processes, we can provide just-in-time training and mentoring services to help you make the transition.

Computer Programming Training

We also plan to offer a number of computer programming training classes in Colorado in 2012 and beyond, including Java, PHP, Ruby, Scala, Android, and Drupal training.