Software Design Portfolio

Computer programming is about much more than just building websites and mobile apps. It's about building all sorts of computer software applications, from analyzing rocket motors and Space Shuttle flights, creating order entry and reporting systems, manufacturing software, and much more, including the applications shown on this page.

This page is separated into the following three sections:

  1. Our website design portfolio
  2. Our software application portfolio
  3. Our software analysis, requirements, and design portfolio

1) Our Website Design Portfolio

This is a collection of websites we've designed over the last eighteen months or so. We created each of these websites shown below for very different purposes, and very different audiences:

  • - Support my (Alvin Alexander) previous computer programming business in Kentucky
  • - A children's story about living in Talkeetna ... with a squirrel
  • - A very popular website for software developers and Linux geeks (receives millions of page views every year)
  • - A personal diary about how I sold my last business
  • - A blog about my new life here in Alaska
  • - A Function Point Analysis software program

Just click the image of the website below to see the website running: - programming tutorials

how i sold my business (diary)

one man's alaska (living in alaska)

alaska squirrel (a children's story)

alexander consulting - function point analysis software

code me! - a tag-based search engine
Mat-Su Valley Programming - our original website

While some of these websites are based on templates (see my Clean, minimalist Drupal themes and Clean, minimalist website designs articles on the devdaily website), we try to make each website unique and appropriate for the client and content.

2) Software Application Portfolio

At Valley Programming we don't just design websites -- we also design and build software applications. Here are just a few screenshots from thousands of possible software application screenshots we could share here:


An iPhone menu


An iPhone form


Wikistar - An advanced
text editor


NetAssist - A network analyzing app


A form prototype


A color chooser dialog


Java Eyes - Xeyes, in Java


Mac Automator apps and workflows

As you can see, we've designed and developed much more than just websites -- we've created all sort of software applications, and this is just a small subset of what we've created. (For even more applications, see our free software applications list on our website.)

3) Software Requirements, Analysis, and Design

Creating software is about much more than just sitting down and writing code. It's about working with customers to deliver the system they want through a process of gathering system requirements and designing a complete software system to meet their needs. We've written hundreds -- probably thousands -- of pages of software design specifications.

Here are just a few images that demonstrate our experience in the field of software requirements, analysis, and design, formally known as Object-Oriented Analysis (OOA) and Object-Oriented Design (OOD).

A sample network diagram
A sample network diagram
from an application we designed

Network security diagram

A simple firewall diagram for one
of our clients

Application data objects
A list of objects and relationships
for a client application
Project acronyms
A list of acronyms used in one
of our projects
Sample web form
A sample web form from an
application prototype
Prototype #2
Another web form prototype
for a client application

We can work with Unified Modeling Language (UML) approaches to software documentation as well as more "agile" methods, such as writing "user stories".

Our Software Portfolio - Summary

I hope this small collection of diagrams helps demonstrate our software application analysis, design, and programming capabilities.