Our “Back To Now” app: Now available on iOS and Android

October 22, 2019: Valley Programming is proud to announce the first release of our free Back To Now app for iOS and Android devices.

How it works

Back To Now is a “mindfulness reminder” application that helps you return to the present moment. In this first release the concept is simple:

  • Create a list of your favorite mindfulness quotes
  • Start Back To Now, and leave it running in the background
  • When you have a free moment or need a reminder, return to Back To Now, and it will show a random quote from your list of quotes in a full-screen view
  • Tap the Refresh icon as many times as desired to see more quotes

Back To Now is completely private

It’s important to note that keeping Back To Now running in the background is perfectly safe. All of your quotes are stored on your device, and it doesn’t do anything at all over the internet, so it doesn’t track you in any way.

The future

In a near-future release we hope to get a feature we really want: The app will send you notifications on a schedule you configure. This feature is currently capable of working on Android devices, but we need to find a great way to get it working well on iOS. As soon as that happens, we’ll make the next release available.

If you have a digital watch sync’d with your phone, a nice benefit is that the notifications will appear directly on your watch.


You can install Back To Now from these links:

More information

For more information, see those links, or see our Back To Now support page.

Back To Now app icon

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