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Drupal programming tutorials and examples

I'm happy to announce that I'm just about to reach fifty Drupal tips, tutorials, and examples over on my website. Actually, if you do a search for "Drupal" on the devdaily website it shows up in more than eighty different articles, probably because I categorized some of those as "PHP" instead of Drupal. (Note to self: Fix that.)

Java MySQL database tutorials and examples

Over the years I've done a lot of Java programming, including Java database programming, and I've tried to document a lot of what I've learned about database programming.

A very long time ago I wrote these generic Java database programming tutorials:

Drupal 7 PDOException Unknown MySQL server host

I just ran into a situation of getting a Drupal 7 "PDOException Unknown MySQL server host" error message while running Drupal 7 on a GoDaddy server. The full Drupal 7 error message looked like this:

Java String format examples

A few days ago I was reminded of the Java String format method, and the ability to use printf syntax with this format method, so I thought I'd share a quick example of it here.

Here's a quick look at the String class format method syntax, which demonstrates the power and simplicity of this "Java printf" syntax:

Java String array examples (tutorial)

Java String/array FAQ: How do I create an array of Strings in Java (i.e., a Java String array)?

I wrote this article because I can never remember the Java array syntax myself, so I use this page as a reference. There are a couple of ways of declaring and using Java String arrays, and I'll try to cover those in this article.

1) Declaring, sizing, and using a Java String array

The first way to use a Java String array is to (a) declare it in one step, and then (b) use it in a second step. Within a class, you declare a Java String array like this:

Sencha Touch 2 (mobile app development)

I have a small amount of free time after writing the Scala Cookbook, so I'm working on a mobile app (iPhone, iPad, Android) for a friend using the Sencha Touch 2 framework. It's a beast of a framework to get started with, mostly because the documentation is very poor, but what it does is very good, so I'm pushing on.

Scala Cookbook eBook - 1/2 Off (today only)

The Scala Cookbook eBook is half-price, today only, courtesy of the O'Reilly "Deal of the day". See the following link for more information:

I'll update that link throughout the day with more information.

All the best,
Alvin Alexander

Play Framework Recipes (from the Scala Cookbook)

Just a quick note today that I just released a free PDF booklet titled, “Play Framework Recipes”.

Good Scala programming resources (i.e., how to learn Scala)

Just a quick note here today (March, 2013) that if you're interested in learning Scala online, the following links provide some of the best educational experiences:


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