Generating CRUD forms for the Play Framework 2

Just a quick note that if you're looking for a way to generate CRUD forms for the Play Framework 2, I've created a set of templates to work with my Cato CRUD Generator to help you create CRUD forms in just a few minutes. Here's a link to my Play Framework 2 CRUD example on my personal website.

Great Scala learning resources

While I'm just beginning to get started on my Scala video tutorials, there are many great websites where you can begin to learn Scala today. Here are just a few:

Over 125 Scala tutorials

While my Scala Cookbook will be coming out soon -- currently planned with over 350 recipes and 550 pages -- I've also written over 125 Scala tutorials on my personal website. Those tutorials include examples of how to use collections methods like flatMap and reduceLeft, Map classes and methods, Play Framework examples, and much more.

Two new Scala video tutorials

When I first moved to the Boulder, Colorado area, I intended to start Valley Programming here. Almost immediately a few things changed, and now, a few months later, my new book, the Scala Cookbook from O'Reilly Media, is nearing completion. The first draft of the book has been sent off to the editor and reviewers, and the cookbook should be available in just a few months.

Mobiplug home connectivity (Boulder, Colorado), and SARAH

I've been busy writing my third book (and second book of the year), but I recently took a little time to look up, and then look around the Boulder, Colorado area, and lo and behold I found a very interesting company in Mobiplug. Here's a description of what they do, from their website:

My new book: 'You want me to do what? A Survival Guide for New Consultants'

I'll write more about this in the near future, but for today I just wanted to make a quick announcement that my new book, "You want me to do what? A Survival Guide for New Consultants", is now available on You can either click that link to get a free preview of the book on Amazon, or click the image below:

A simple Scala JavaBean example

Just a quick note today that if you want to create a JavaBean class in Scala (a Scala JavaBean), you can use the @BeanProperty annotation as shown here:

Over 60 Scala programming tutorials

Just a quick note today that I passed a little milestone on the devdaily site over the weekend. I now have over sixty Scala tutorials in my Scala programming tutorials/cookbook series.

Running ScalaTest unit tests in Eclipse

I do a lot of work from the command line with Ant builds and similar things, but there are times I like to do things through Eclipse. Today I wanted to run my ScalaTest unit tests in Eclipse, and found this to be a straightforward task.

Besides Scala, Eclipse, and an Eclipse project, you'll need:

Building Android apps

I haven't written much here lately because I've been very busy developing some new Android applications ("apps"). It takes time to write a really good app, but hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to share the apps I've written, either in the Android Marketplace ("Play") store, or some other way.


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